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8", 256MB, Touch Screen, 2.5" 40GB HDD


8.4in. Embedded Fanless Panel PC with AMD Geode LX-800 500 MHz CPU supports up to 1GB DDR RAM


7 " TFT Panel PC, 1GHz low power CPU, Touch, max. up to 1GB DDR RAM, 64MB VRAM / MPEG-II / VGA / AGP 8x / 2 x LAN / 4 x USB 2.0 / 4 x COM / optional GPS module


6.4" panel PC semi-housing display system


Intel ® Celeron® M Industrial Fanless Panel PC with 15” TFT LCD & Two 1/2 size PCI Expansion Slots. Barebones unit, does not include CPU, RAM, Hard drive, etc.


19in. TFT LCD Large Size Industrial Panel PC with water-proof USB port

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